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horseback riding lessons
riding lessons
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horseback riding

horseback riding lessons

Learn to ride your horse the safe and easy way

Feel confident about horseback riding fast!


If you’ve been longing to discover the secrets of riding and caring for your horse, this may be the most important letter you ever read.

From: Valerie Mellema

Feel confident about horseback riding fast!

Amaze your friends by quickly learning how to:

Ride your horse skillfully

Handle your horse safely

Catch a horse in the field that won’t let anyone else bring him in (Horse owners will love you for it!)

Sound truly knowledgeable about horses

Your friends will immediately see your renewed passion for life and how much less stressed you are. And all because you’re having such fun with your horse! You’ll shed those excess pounds you may have been wanting to get rid of, become fit and have a toned body – especially your legs.

People are always asking me how I keep in such great shape. They want to know how to do it, too. Here’s my answer: “Get yourself a horse and go riding!

Are these concerns keeping you from fulfilling your dream of horseback riding?

Fear of horses (even though you love them!):

They’re so huge that I’m frightened they’re going to hurt me

I once fell off a horse and that really put me off

I’ve been told horses can tell if I’m scared and it makes them nervous - that makes me nervous!

Fear of looking stupid:

I don’t want to take riding lessons and get laughed at because I don’t know anything about horse riding

Here’s how this book will quickly overcome the barriers to your riding success

It will teach you how to handle your horse safely and with confidence, both on the ground and in the saddle. You’ll be feeling comfortable around horses so fast you’ll wonder why you were ever afraid of them.

This superb guide makes it possible to study the techniques of horse riding in private and as often as you like. It provides essential information to get you on your horse and looking competent quickly without the anxiety of public lessons. It will turn your fearful, negative thinking into positive, successful action!

You will also find out how to buy the correct horse tack, without wasting money unnecessarily.

This book was written by a horse professional

For over 20 years Valerie Mellema has been involved in horse management. She has experience breeding and training horses, and is also an expert on horse health and care. This book is the result of her wealth of expertise in all areas of horsemanship. She authored several horse related books and ebooks some of which are currently being sold on Amazon.

If you want to learn about riding horses quickly, this book will help you!

Instead of trying to figure out riding the hard way and making a lot of potentially dangerous mistakes, read this book.

Discover how to develop the traits of a successful (and safe) rider before you even get in the saddle:

Develop a positive attitude

Learn how to show confidence to your horse

Find out how to make your body more flexible

Know how to get any excess energy out of your horse before you get on him!

Find out how to choose the right saddle and bridle for your horse’s maximum comfort – a must for your own comfort and safety, too.

Read the easy-to-follow explanations of the horse’s movements, and you’ll understand what’s going on underneath you when you are mounted.

Easily learn how to give your horse the right cues to move in the gait you choose, as fast or slowly as you want.

Here are some of the amazing horse riding secrets, tips and techniques you will learn from this book

Look at this sneak preview of some of the tips that professional horse riders use. You’ll discover them all when you buy this ebook!

How to get unconditional love from your horse by learning to communicate with him in a way he understands

How to appear confident to your horse (even if at first you aren’t!)

How to adopt the correct riding position

Discover a simple and effective reward for horses used by trainers that works every time

The secrets of good horse management

How to stop stabled horses from becoming bored and developing bad habits

What to do if a horse rears

How to end every ride on a good note

And much more.

This comprehensive resource will guide you step by step through the process of learning about riding horses

Before you can ride your horse, you need to learn how to catch him in the field and lead him safely to the barn. You must know how to feed him the correct diet, give him the right kind of hay, and understand many other aspects of horse management. Otherwise you’ll have no horse to ride!

This book will teach you everything you need to know to make you a well-rounded equestrian. You’ll learn to take proper care of your horse as well as ride him safely and with confidence.

It’s not only about riding – it’s an encyclopedia of horse knowledge!

Horse Riding Video Bonus

We have worked hard to provide you with this extra special bonus! This bonus takes you through the daily process of riding your horse. This video includes everything a beginning rider needs to get started in the right direction.

(Sample only; Less quality and no sound compared to original video)

This special horse back riding bonus video contains horse riding basics and horseback riding lessons that will make you confident right from the start. In this video you will see and learn first hand the basics of:

  • Haltering and catching your horse
  • Grooming
  • Saddling
  • Longeing
  • Bridling
  • Mounting
  • Riding the Walk and Trot
  • Turning and Stopping
  • Dismounting

In summary, here’s what you get with this incredible horse riding manual

This ebook is written in a way that will get you mounted and riding safely in the shortest possible length of time. It contains valuable information about horses and horseback riding: even experienced horse people will discover things they didn’t know about horse training in this quality book.

Its approach to riding shows consideration for the horse, and makes the reader-rider feel comfortable and relaxed during the learning process. By safely introducing you to the wonderful world of horses, this ebook will turn your life around.

Huge Free Bonus
Rare Out of Print Titles Included

Your order will come with the bonus video and with a huge special bonus of 15 ebooks. Many of these ebooks are rare and one of them is worth the whole price of this package. Look around on the net and you can see that Prof Beery book is being sold for 30-150$ by itself.

I do NOT agree with Beery's methods of training horses as I see more horse abuse in them. I am invluding it with this package as this bonus is aimed at old, out of print, hostorical horse related books. None of these books are copyrighted. Most of these books were published before 1890 and they all lost their copyrights patency and can be given for free, edited or sold. The remaining recent ebooks in this bonus package are ebooks that come with Master Resale Rights and can be distributed as free ebooks or bundled with purchased ebooks as a free bonus.

Free Bonus #1

Prof. Beery's Horsemanship Course

8 Ebooks

Prof. Jesse Beery was the world's greatest horse trainer and breaker of all time: He could train any horse – horses that ran away – horses that pulled too hard – horses that were spooked too easily – horses that refused to be shoed. Whatever the problem, Beery knew how to fix it.

There are 8 Ebooks included:

e-Book 1: Colt Training

e-Book 2: Disposition and Subjection

e-Book 3: Kicking and Balking

e-Book 4: Shying and Running Away

e-Book 5: Bad to Shoe & Halter Pulling

e-Book 6: Promiscuous Vices

e-Book 7: Overcoming Special Fears

e-Book 8: Teaching Tricks


35-150$ Value

Please check the note about Beery's methods in the section above

Free Bonus #2

Prof. Magner's Art of Taming and Educating Horses

The horse trainer/presenter Dennis Magner was active from the 1860s to 1880s. As a circus proprietor he was known to have his own show out traveling by boat in the mid 1870's on the Great Lakes.

He wrote several horse training books, the most famous of which is the massive "The Art of Taming and Educating Horses". The book comes in about 1120 pages full with text, images and illustrations. Chapters include:

Methods of Subjection
Colt Training
Excessive Fear - Its Effects
Bad to Shoe
Running away
Halter Pulling
Miscellaneous Habits
Teaching Tricks
Horseback Riding
Denton Offut
Familiar Talk with the Reader
Personal Experience
Feeding and Watering
How to Tell the Age
Diseases and Their Treatment
Diseases of the Joints
Navicular-Joint Lameness
Chronic Cough
Diseases of the Chest
Diseases of the Nervous system
The Foot: Injuries of and cause of Lameness
Sprains, Bruises, etc
Cuts and Wounds
Diseases of the Eye
Diseases and Injuries of the Skin
Miscellaneous Recipes

Free Bonus #3

Borrowing Freedom

Purchasing Your First Horse

+Full MP3 Audio of the Ebook

This is not a little ten-page report filled with a simple list of common horse breeds and a few cute pictures. This is REAL information.
covers scores of issues related to horse ownership and horse buying. It breaks down the process of going from a horse novice to a full-fledged owner in an easy-to-read, spe-by-step process that will help you finally reach your personal horse ownership goals. It is the perfect introduction to finding and buying your first horse!

The guide covers:

Who really SHOULD own a horse?

Why your first horse purchase should start in the stable instead of at the auction!

The value of great instruction & how to find it!

Factors that should direct your decisionmaking as you look for a first horse!

The true costs of horse ownership!

Basic care considerations for your first horse--be prepared to become a horse owner!



A Guide to Purchasing Your First Horse almost 90 minutes of audio for you to listen to! Comes in MP3 format.


MP3 Audio

Free Bonus #4

Confessions Of A Horse Dealer

You’ll also receive a rare copy of Confessions of a Horse Dealer. This rare book (on sale for $200 in one book store specializing in old and rare books) details all the devious tricks horse dealers used to exploit (con) unsuspecting horse buyers.

Dealers back in the last century were as crocked as they come. And no doubt some of their best dodges have been handed down and are still used today.

Listen once you know these conniving tricks you’ll know what to look out for when you’re buying your next horse. So you’re never taken for an ‘easy’ mark.

Read this absorbing book and you’ll gasp in amazement at the lengths horse crooks went to - and probably still do today.

Free Bonus #5

The Arabian Art of

Taming and Training

Wild and Vicious Horses

This fascinating book, written more than a century ago, promotes a different method of approaching and handling a horse - a method without the need for force or dominance, as is clear from the quote below:

The Arabs frequently teach their horses secret signs or signals, which they make use of on urgent occasions to call forth their utmost exertions. These are more efficient than the barbarous mode of urging them on with the spur and whip, a forcible illustration of which will be found in the following anecdote…" from The Arabian Art Of Taming and Training Horses by T. Gilbert



Free Bonus #6

Veterinary Practitioners' Series

Lameness of the Horse

Save hundreds of dollars off your veterinary treatment. This ebook has all you need to know to treat your horse when he goes lame. Avery popular title since 1916!

This ebook comes in HTML format and is full with great quality images and illustrations. A wonderfull ebook full of information.

Free Bonus #7

Horse Treat Recipes #1

60 Recipes

Save your horse's health from chemical food. Prepare your own horse treats. All natural and healthy for him.

This small ebook has 60 Horse Treat Recipes that are easy to prepare.


Free Bonus #8

Horse Treat Recipes #2

Thius ebook has 12 pages of great recipes to give your horses and gathered from all around the web. They include treats like:

Sticky Treats
Rivendale Peppermint Treats
Banana Glazed Apple
Penny's Carromints
Happy Oats 'N Trail Mix Balls
Horse Oat Cookies

and more!

Free Bonus #9

2 Horse Coloring Ebooks

We did not forget the fun time. We are including 2 great horse coloring ebooks that will be suitable for you or for the kids. Pages are in PDF format and can be printed for coloring pleasure. The 2 ebooks have a total of about 150 coloring images of horses. Some samples are below:

Images scaled down to fit here

Free Bonus #10

Bombproof your Horse

Learn The 16 Horse Training Secrets
Every Horse Owner Should Know!

Table of Contents:

The Importance Of Thinking Like A Horse
What Instincts Influence Your Horse’ Behavior And How To Use Them To Create A Great Horse!
How Your Horse’s Vision Secrets Affect His Behavior And Why He May Be Scared Of Something YOU Don’t See!
How To Quickly And Easily Find Your Horse’s Comfort Zone, Safely Expand It, And Create A Safer, Calmer, Horse!
Learn One Of The Biggest Secrets Of Teaching Your Horse Obedience To Decrease His Spook Meter.
How To Get Your Horse To Cross Over A Scary Object. How To Get Your Horse To Want To Do The Right Thing And Keep You Safer From Spooking.
Three Effective Ways To Get Your Horse Doing What You Ask – Even When He Won’t!
6 Safety Tips You Must Know
How To Get Your Horse To Cross Over, Step On, Step By, Or Step In The Spooky Thingamajig.
How To Make Your Horse More And More Spook-Proof.
Your Horse’s Bad Habits And What To Do About Them.
Killer Bomb Proof Methods.
What To Do If Your Horse Doesn’t Want To Move.
Horse Won’t Budge When Trying To Cross An Object? Try This!
What A Good Horse Should Know To Be A Good Horse!
Recommended Reading List:

Free Bonus #11


Even it was written around 300 B.C., this short ebook is still usefull and worth reading:

For what the horse does under done without understanding; and there is no beauty in it either, any more than if one should whip and spur a dancer. There would be a great deal more ungracefulness than beauty in either a horse or a man that was so treated.


Written 300 B.C.

Free Bonus #12

Horse Care Recipes

Very simple and easy to follow horse care recipes. All natural and all done with little effort!

Free Bonus #13

A Dissertation on Horses

by: William Osmer

A DISSERTATION on HORSES: wherein it is demonstrated, by Matters of Fact, as well as from the Principles of Philosophy, that INNATE QUALITIES do not exist, and that the excellence of this Animal is altogether mechanical and not in the Blood.

Osmer shows us, by what he argues against, the primitive state of horse−breeding in England
where a superstitious belief in bloodline with no attention to conformation rules. This is difficult for the
modern reader to even visualize, after the late 19th century development of conformation norms for all breeds
of animal. Notable for a description of horse raising and use among the nomad Arabs, evidence of the
survival of the ancient Nisaean breed in Turkey, and stories of the Godolphin Arabian.


Free Bonus #14

Black Beauty

A Novel by: Anna Sewell

What better way to indulge your appreciation for horses and than by revisiting this classic novel by Anna Sewell

Black Beauty tells the unforgettable story of a 19th Century English horse subjected to both the best and worst humans could muster.

Black Beauty is a well-born colt living in a pleasant meadow with an elegant carriage horse. But fortune changes and he experiences both gentle and cruel masters as he travels through Victorian London.

It's unique voice and characterization sets this horse-lover's favorite apart from any other novel and it remains as fresh and as vibrant today as the day it was written.

Free Bonus #15

First Aid for Horses

First Aid Hints for the Horseowner: A Veterinary Notebook

HORSES confined in stables are being kept under artificial conditions, and in consequence skill is required to maintain them in good health. Living under natural conditions the horse eats grass ; he eats for a very considerable number of hours each day and during the night ; he feeds in small quantities at frequent intervals, and he drinks whenever he feels inclined. He has a very small stomach for his size. These facts should be borne in mind when horses are in the stable, and the less the natural conditions are disturbed the better.

Conditioning. Horses intended for hunting during the season should be brought in from grass during July or, at the latest, August. During July the grass begins to lack the nutritive qualities which it had in May and June, and the horse will come up in less soft condition if he has been given a feed of 5 lb. oats daily the last few weeks at grass. This extra condition is due partly to the hard food and partly to the fact that the oats give the horse more energy and that he therefore takes more exercise on his own...


For only $37, you get the “Training Yourself to Ride” horse riding e-book, the special horseback riding bonus video and the special huge free bonus 15 ebooks pack. Thats only if you order today! Normally the price is $59.99, but as a special offer we are offering a discount to all those who want to get started with horse riding and riding lessons at home today. That’s a $22.99 savings.

horseback riding

Once you order, you will immediately be forwarded to a page that has a link where you can download “Training Yourself to Ride” horse riding e-book, the special bonus riding lessons video and the 15 ebooks bonus pack directly to your computer. There is no shipping involved.

But Wait

This purchase comes with 30 day unconditional money back guarantee. If you feel that this ebook is not for you or you did not benefit from it, just email me within 30 days and I will send back your money.

horse riding

Do not take our word for it, read what some people who have used “Training Yourself to Ride” horse riding e-book and video have had to say about

Our Horseback Riding Lessons

" I have always had my fears about horses. I wanted to ride horses but i was always afraid of falling off or being unable to deal with horses the way I should. Thanks for your book. It helped me a lot. I know how to gain horse trust now!"

David Main



My dad was a horse trainer. I learned much from his experience and thought thats it until I had the chance to read your ebook. I missed too much; I just realized it.

Brenda A.



The video was great. It was a perfect fit with the text in the guide. I was able to learn and then see too many concepts. I highly recommend your guide to anyone serious about horses.

John Mill


Remember, if you order now, you receive $22.99 off the regular price.

horseback riding lessons

$37 Only



Upon payment, you will immediately be forwarded to the page that has the download link for the ebook, the bonus video and the ebooks bonus and you will be able to download them directly to your computer. No shipping in the regular mail is involved. This is a digital delivery purchase and available for instant download at the time of payment completion.

Horseback Riding

horseback riding lessons

37$ only instead of the regular price of 59.99$ when you order today.
Thats a thank you 22.99$ discount!



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